This guide contains so much great information for Canadian Buyer’s Guide that I decided to password protect it. Please complete the form below and the password will be sent to you immediately. This guide contains terminology differences and FAQ for Canadian Buyers. Please leave a comment if you have additional questions or terms that I should include. Here is the summary of the information in the document.

Canadian Terms: Strata | Garburator | Washroom| Hydro | Subjects |
Hawaii Real Estate Terms: Fee Simple | Leasehold | Fixtures | Chattel | Inventory | Condotel | Vacation Rental |

Frequently asked Questions

  1. How long do we have to remove subjects?
  2. Does the property I’m buying have to be brought up to code?
  3. What is the role of an attorney during a transaction?
  4. What do Title and Escrow companies do for me?
  5. How long does it take to purchase a home or condo in Hawaii?
  6. What are the Closing Costs?
  7. What does it take to get a loan in Hawaii?
  8. How much will I need to put down to get financing?
  9. Do I have to be in Maui to sign closing documents?
  10. How do I establish service with the utility companies?
  11. What are the tax liabilities?

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